White Gum Wool

We’re lucky enough to bring you some of the finest and unique merino yarn from a very special grower.

From Nan’s web site:
“White Gum Wool yarns are made from 17-micron, superfine “Saxon” merino wool.  This is the calibre of wool used in the finest of Italian men’s suiting, and gives an amazing softness and handle to the yarn.
Please note that this yarn may shrink, felt and pill under some circumstances, like all good quality yarns that have not been treated to remove the scales (as has been done in superwash yarns).  The microscopic scales on the individual wool fibres allow it to be spun, to have great tensile strength, loft, and warmth even when wet, but also let it felt, shrink and pill if the conditions are right.”

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White Gum WoolWe carry White Gum Wool in a range of colours

4 ply
8 ply