My Flower Bloom Quilt Workshop

Join Janeene Scott from Passionately Sewn, in a two-day workshop where you will cut and piece the quilt background, learn about making templates, cutting fabric, types of thread, needles and accurate 1/4″ piecing.
Then, you will start on the fusible applique’ process, learning how to use large applique’ pieces, setting out your design, fusing and then sewing the pieces onto your background fabric.
10am-4pm each day.

Apply here

My Flower Bloom Quilt at The Mulberry Tree at Milton

My Machine Quilting Workshop

Join Janeene Scott from ‘Passionately Sewn’ in a one day workshop where she will be teaching new machine-quilting skills and techniques or assisting you in brushing up on forgotten skills.
Also, learn about sewing machine set up, thread options, the best types of fabrics and needles to use for machine-quilting and more.